Ontario Needs a Climate Change Plan

Ontario Needs a Climate Change Plan

The climate crisis is the biggest threat facing humanity, and there is urgency for all of us to act. The last three years have been the hottest on record and severe weather such as wildfires, droughts, ice storms and spring flooding are costing Canada $4.9 billion per year and rising.

However, by cancelling Ontario’s cap-and-trade program without an alternative plan and joining the pointless legal battle against a price on greenhouse gas pollution, Premier Ford is taking us down a path that is reckless for our economy and our environment.

Not only is Premier Ford abandoning our responsibility to reduce emissions and meet UN climate targets, his actions to cancel 758 renewable energy contracts and end all energy efficiency rebates are shutting Ontario out from the $7 trillion clean economy.

These decisions take money out of the pockets of people who want to renovate their homes and businesses to lower energy bills. They hurt schools who were urgently counting on funds for energy saving repairs. They harm builders, contractors and manufacturers and tell cleantech investors that Ontario is closed for business.

We need the Ontario government to bring forward a real climate plan that includes a price on greenhouse pollution rather than fighting with the federal government in the courts. We need a real climate plan that supports jobs in the clean economy rather than turning our back on it.

And we need to see this plan before the Premier tries to kill the cap-and-trade program already in place.

Tell Premier Ford that Ontario urgently needs a real Climate Change Plan. 

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