Ontario Liberals abandon Ontario’s forests

Ontario Liberals Abandon Ontario's Forests

The Ontario Liberals are being short-sighted in closing a 94 year old institution that protects biodiversity.

The Ontario Tree Seed Plant gathers, processes and store trees seeds from across the many seed climate zones of the province. It protects that genetic diversity of our forests so that we can find varieties resistant to foreign pests and we can assist the migration in response to the rapidly changing climate zones.

Ontario's forest trees are under tremendous stress from invasive pests and diseases. Emerald ash borer, beech bark disease, butternut canker, white pine blister rust and dutch elm disease are just a few examples currently causing havoc.

For almost a century, Ontario has had an institution dedicated to protecting the genetic diversity of our forest trees. It’s unclear what the proposed "genetic seed archive" will be. And this archive won't have the volumes or collection mechanisms necessary to mitigate the challenges our forests face today.

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Ontario Tree Seed Facility

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