Protect Guelph's Water from the Dolime Quarry

Protect Guelph's Water from the Dolime Quarry

Activities at the Dolime Quarry threaten the quality and quantity of Guelph’s water.

The City of Guelph has previously asked for the province to require the quarry to comply with 4 simple and fair conditions that will protect the City's water from operations at Dolime.

The current water taking permit for the Quarry is set to expire later this year.

A new permit should be denied unless these conditions are met.

Action on this issue is needed now. We are simply asking the government to do its job — to ensure that the quarry operates in a responsible way that protects Guelph’s water now and in the future. Learn more here.

Send a letter to the Minister below to help protect Guelph's water from activities at the Dolime Quarry today.

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