Protect our Water

Protect Our Water

The government's new water taking regulations, which recently took effect, fail to put water for people first. The Liberals have let down the thousands of people who wrote the government asking for stronger protections for public drinking water.

Water should be managed as a public trust in the public interest. Public drinking water for communities should have priority access to water over commercial and industrial users.

The Ministry has also not shared any data on why the new rate is set at $503.71 per million litres. This is still a drop in the bucket for bottlers who retail a 500 ml bottle at convenience stores for $2 but only have to pay $0.0005 for a litre of public water--water that is taken out of our watershed and shipped elsewhere to be sold for profit.

These changes are a small step in the right direction. But more must be done. The people of Ontario deserve better.

For more information, read Mike Schreiner's open letter on the changes needed to protect our water.

Support stronger protections on our water by sending a letter to the Minister below.

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