Protect People, Not the Nuclear Industry

Although half of Ontarians live near one of several reactors that line the shores of the Great Lakes, the Ontario government has no plan to deal with a major nuclear emergency.

Instead of protecting public safety, the Wynne government has protected the profits and reputation of the nuclear industry. Since Fukushima, Ontario has approved spending billions to keep all of the province’s reactors running instead of investing in renewables.

The cozy relationship between the nuclear industry and the Ontario government means the government is putting industry before people. That must change now.

Civil society groups and municipalities have all recently called on the government to strengthen its nuclear emergency plans.

Six years after Fukushima, the government is asking for public input on how it should modernize its out-of-date and inadequate nuclear emergency plans.

Tell the Ontario government they need to protect people instead of the nuclear industry by sending a letter below.

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