Resolutions at Convention: make your plan, have your say!

Members have an important role in shaping the direction of the Green Party of Ontario.

You are invited to propose Policy, Constitutional or Directive resolutions to be considered at our Convention.

Please read over the requirements for submitted resolutions.

Items marked with an asterisk "*" must be completed in order to submit this form.

  • Items marked "(X)" will be reviewed by the Policy Coordinator who may propose edits and assist as required. Your submission may be edited for clarity and ease of understanding

Do you have an idea and wonder how to to turn it into a resolution?
- Find more information on our FAQ page,
- Give us a call 416 977 7476, or
- Send an email to We're happy to help you with the process!

We thank you for your hard work and careful preparation. Your cooperation will help to ensure that our Convention goes well for everyone. Please contact if you have any questions.

Your info
Your resolution
Please choose a title that is accurately describes the content of your policy motion and that members will easily understand. For example, the title of a By-law amendment could be "Amendment to By-law O - Events" and that for a policy motion could be "Environment & Climate Change: Reducing carbon emissions". Be sure to make the title short, interesting and relevant.
The preamble clauses briefly summarize the context and intent of your motion. Each clause of the preamble begins with the word "Whereas". Please do not exceed four clauses in the Preamble of at most 50 words each. Very long introductions tend to confuse rather than enlighten the reader. Longer explanations or background material should be entered in the "Supporting material" area above. For example, "WHEREAS the Values of the Green Party of Ontario include Ecological Wisdom and Sustainability, and WHEREAS protections for air quality and urban forests reflect these Values."
The operative clauses contain the substance of the motion that you wish to present to the Convention. Each clause should begin, "Be it resolved that...". Please do not exceed four clauses of at most 50 words each. Very long motions would normally need to be divided into separate motions for clarity. For example, "Be it resolved that: The GPO supports measures to ensure the health of our environment. Be it further resolved that: The GPO supports tree planting in urban areas to benefit wildlife habitat and air quality."
These people support the policy motion as presented. Sponsors of the motion should be prepared to speak in favour of the motion as needed. Enter each sponsor’s name on a new line, and state their riding, if known. e.g. “Mike Schreiner, Guelph”
Supporting information
Please provide a plain-language summary of your policy motion. Why does this policy matter? Please keep your remarks to less than 150 words. You are encouraged to include links to articles or supporting documents such as: - News items. - Scholarly articles. - Policy briefs from non-governmental organizations. - Laws and regulations. You may also include any special notes for the Policy Coordinator
How would your proposed Policy align with the Values of the GPO listed below? - Ecological Wisdom - Social Justice - Participatory Democracy - Nonviolence - Sustainability - Respect for Diversity Please limit your comments to at most 50 words.
To what aspect of society does this proposal apply? Please select all options that apply from the list of items shown above.
Who might support this policy? Who might benefit from it? Please limit your comments to at most 50 words.
Who might oppose this policy? Who might be harmed or simply concerned by it? Why? Please limit your comments to at most 50 words.
Might this policy risk damage to the reputation of the Green Party? State your own opinion or any feedback that you received from others. What level of risk do you perceive? Please limit your comments to at most 50 words.
What people, organizations did you consult in the development of this policy? Please summarize the feedback that you received. Please limit your comments to at most 50 words.
What documents did you consult in the development of this policy? Please include links or citations that direct readers to useful references.