Say No to the Monopolization of Cannabis

Say No to the Monopolization of Cannabis

The Ontario government is monopolizing cannabis sales. Monopolizing cannabis sales won’t stop the underground market. It will not curb the sale of illegal, unsafe or unregulated cannabis.

By only allowing LCBO subsidiaries to sell cannabis products when the federal government finally legalizes the recreational use of the drug next summer, small businesses and local farmers will be shut out.

The Green Party of Ontario does not support the monopolization of cannabis. The cannabis industry should be like the craft brewery industry - helping build local businesses, creating local jobs and contributing tax dollars to local communities across the province.

To legalize cannabis sales in Ontario, the GPO supports:
1. Regulating and licensing small businesses and dispensaries to sell cannabis in a safe and controlled way
2. Ensuring tax revenues from cannabis sales are used to fund education, mental health and addiction programs
3. Conducting a pilot project to test the private retailing of cannabis by small businesses alongside the LCBO’s new stores during the first two years of legalization

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