Stop the Liberal's Hydro Shell Game

The Liberal government is spending and borrowing $24 billion of your hard-earned dollars to lower hydro rates. Money goes into your pockets now by stealing an even larger amount back out of them later.

This is a shell game. Pure and simple. And a costly one at that.

Mike Schreiner has a plan to truly lower hydro rates for all Ontarians:

  1. 1. Targeting rate reductions for the people who need it most.
    2. Saying no to OPG’s 180% price increase for nuclear power.
    3. Investing in people’s homes and businesses to save money by saving energy.
    4. Stop the further privatization of Hydro One and LDCs.
    5. Levelling distribution costs to make them more fair.

Stand with Mike against this costly shell game. Please sign the form below!