Unlock Affordable Housing

Unlock Affordable Housing

The dream of owning a home is getting further and further out of reach for many people.

Even with the new housing regulations, Parry Sound has a current wait list for over 350 units, Huntsville over 300, Bracebridge over 250, and Gravenhurst over 180.

Mortgage debt growth, caused by rising home prices, is driving the increase in Canadian household debt. The average amount owing on mortgages was up nearly 5 per cent in the second quarter, even with the new Ontario housing regulations introduced last spring.

We need to think of ways to increase affordable housing options in Ontario, such as:

  • Mandating that new developments include 1 new unit of affordable housing for every 5 new houses or condos.
  • Increasing support for social and coop housing.
  • Supporting  tiny homes, secondary suites, lane way housing and other innovative approaches to housing.
  • Empowering our municipalities to have broader use of inclusionary zoning, and access to incentives for local developers to achieve affordable housing targets.
  • Including representatives from the AMO (Association of Municipalities of Ontario) in joint federal/provincial discussions on affordable housing


The housing crisis is a complex problem that requires creative solutions. Ontario needs to acknowledge that the affordable housing crisis in Parry Sound - Muskoka needs cooperation and collaboration from the Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education.

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