Demand a real climate plan

Today the PC Government released its Litter Pick-Up Plan.

We still await their climate plan.

Asking Ontarians to clean up litter in the face of the climate crisis is kind of like the US President asking Californians to rake leaves to prevent forest fires.

If this is the government’s response to dire warnings from climate scientists, they clearly were not listening.

Instead of showing real leadership, Premier Ford is:

  • Weakening Ontario’s climate targets
  • Spending taxpayer money on a failed Australian model for reducing emissions
  • Ignoring pollution pricing, the most effective solution to the climate crisis

This is not a plan. It’s a roadmap for Ontario to throw in the towel and increase its emissions.

There is a better way. The Green Party’s carbon fee and dividend solution would put a price on pollution and return all the money to taxpayers - a win for people and the planet.

Write to the Premier and tell him you want a REAL climate plan. One based on evidence, not ideology, and one that puts Ontario on the right side of history.

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