Hands off Ontario Wildlife

Hands off Ontario Wildlife

Despite outrage from the public and conservation community, the Ford government plans to decimate the Endangered Species Act. Bill 108 would gut the laws that protect Ontario’s 243 species-at-risk by:

  • Giving the Minister new powers to ignore science and suspend habitat protection;
  • Creating a pay-to-slay fund, allowing companies to pay a fee to harm wildlife; and
  • Removing protection for at-risk species in Ontario if they live outside the province.

The public was already consulted on this. And 98% of people wanted wildlife protections to be kept or strengthened.

So why is the Ford government siding with the 2% who want to destroy endangered species habitat?

Send a letter to the Environment Minister, asking him to protect endangered species rather than push them to the brink.

You can submit this letter as-is or change it to reflect your own priorities. Your comment will be forwarded with the subject line "Remove Schedule 5 from Bill 108", including your name, email and postal code to the Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. You will also be added to the GPO mailing list but you can unsubscribe at any time.