Don’t give Ford his license to pollute

Doug Ford wants to cancel the only climate change law we have...
We have until Oct 11 to stop him.

Since the day they took office, the Conservatives have pre-occupied themselves with erasing every ounce of climate action in Ontario. But now Doug Ford is making his biggest move yet.

He is trying to repeal Ontario's climate law with absolutely zero plan to replace it.   

If Bill 4 passes, it would end pollution pricing, ditch emissions targets and leave Ontario with no detectable plan for fighting the biggest crisis facing humanity.

The Conservatives are so desperate to pass Bill 4, they even tried to violate their legal obligation to consult with people. Only after being threatened with a lawsuit did Ford reluctantly open up a public consultation.

Bill 4 is bad for our economy, our health and our environment. This week, the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario called Bill 4 "a license to do little or nothing in the face of our largest threat.”

Doug Ford does not have a mandate to turn Ontario into Canada's worst climate offender.

Stand with Mike Schreiner and reject Doug Ford's climate cancellation bill.