Nominate a GPO candidate for the 2022 provincial election

Change starts here.

Who do you think would make a strong GPO candidate for the 2022 provincial election in Ontario?

Think of people already showing leadership - making a difference in your neighbourhood and your community.

Now think of people who are community leaders but may never have thought of running. Think of people from groups who are under-represented currently in provincial politics.

Did you know that right now, women make up 50% of our population in Ontario but make up only 40% of the MPPs at Queen's Park. Women MPs make up only 29% of the House of Commons, and only 19% of mayors across Canada.

For people from racialized communities, there are even fewer representatives.

In 2018, the GPO made history by being one of two parties that year to run a gender balanced slate of candidates. This was the first time in Ontario history that this was done.

We are committed to running a gender balanced slate of candidates in 2022, and to increase the diversity of our candidates.

Studies show that there are more barriers for women, racialized people and other under-represented groups entering into politics, so it comes down to us - me and you, to reach out and encourage people with diverse backgrounds to run.

Diversity makes us stronger.

So think outside the box. Think of people who are already community leaders but may not have considered running as a candidate.

Is that you? Or someone you know?

Tell us their names (or your name), and we will follow up.

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