Protect our Water: Extend the Bottled Water Moratorium

Protect our Water: Extend the Bottled Water Moratorium


For years, private corporations have been able to mine Ontario's water resources, depleting our safe drinking water and adding to a plastic pollution crisis that has reached epic proportions (one billion bottles are sent to landfill every year in Ontario).

For years Greens have led the charge to pressure the government to fix broken rules that put corporate bottling interests ahead of safe drinking water and our environment.

We need your help again.

There is currently a moratorium on new permits for bottling companies to withdraw water. But it expires soon. The government is seeking public input on whether to extend the moratorium to 2020.

We need to tell the PC government loud and clear that our water must be protected.

If we don’t, big bottled water companies could have access to more groundwater sources, paying pennies before they resell our water at inflated prices, wrapped in plastic.

With a seat at Queen's Park, Mike Schreiner and the Green Party are finally able to bring the voice of water protectors and concerned citizens to Queen's Park. Help us protect Ontario’s water and tackle the plastic pollution crisis.