Protect wolves from overhunting

The Ford government is declaring open season on wolves and coyotes with an unscientific plan that is contradicted by even its own research.

Under the guise of moose conservation in northern Ontario, the government wants to drastically relax hunting restrictions for wolves and coyotes.

The result could be a devastating loss of predator species, with major ecosystem-wide impacts that hurt the health of our environment.

Scientists agree this one-dimensional strategy won’t help moose.

And the Ford government is removing all tag and reporting requirements, so we won’t even know the full impact of increased hunting.

If we are serious about protecting moose, then we need an evidence-based wildlife management strategy that deals with all the factors affecting moose decline, including climate change, habitat loss, diseases, and calf hunting.

The public consultation ends September 26th.

Join us in opposing these unethical and unscientific changes to wolf and coyote hunting.

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