Saving Spring Planting

Saving Spring Planting

Food is essential. Sign our petition to Re-Open community gardens

Food production will always be essential.

The province made a mistake by closing down community gardens due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This hurts tens of thousands of families as well as food banks who rely on gardens for fresh fruit and vegetables.

British Columbia, New Brunswick and PEI have kept their gardens open by classifying them as an essential service.

Two weeks ago, our leader Mike Schreiner asked the Premier to do the same.

We're hearing that the province is considering a reversal of their decision after pressure from community groups, municipalities and everyone who signed our petition.

But they need a final push.

Sign Mike’s letter before the growing season is lost.

You can submit this letter as-is or change it to reflect your own priorities. Your comment will be forwarded with the subject line "Please save spring planting", including your name, email and postal code to Premier Doug Ford. You will also be added to the GPO mailing list but you can unsubscribe at any time.