Support Ontario's Basic Income Project

Doug Ford is squeezing people in poverty to save money.

After promising to continue Ontario's Basic Income pilot, the conservatives are pulling the plug on a program that was helping 4,000 Ontarians out of poverty.

They are the latest victims of Ford's 'Cut first, think later' agenda. Heartbreaking stories have poured in about people facing a return to food banks, to life on the street, and to precarious labour.

Our social assistance system needs solutions, not cuts.

For years, the Green Party of Ontario has been advocating for a Basic Income Guarantee as a way to ensure a life of dignity for all Ontarians.

The early signs were that the project was working. People were returning to school, finding work, and living in decent housing. And yet now government is taking money away from people who were turning their lives around.

Tell Premier Ford to stop making the most vulnerable pay for his cuts. Tell him to restore the Basic Income pilot program.